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WHO THE FUCK IS THIS GUY, PROUDBATOR? |||| Wassup bater!? I am so thrilled you are finally here! So thanks for passing by and checking me out. I’m your host, and this is my bate-headquarters on the internet. With this website, I’m trying to deviate from the traditional amateur online shows: you know? The very quiet, almost boring, lethargic bates online where nothing is really happening and you have to sort of fast-forward the video to check if the guy is still alive? We are talking real proud one-man masturbation shows with loads of talking and loads of unpredictable yet really fun masturbation acts. I tend to explain what is going on with my dick, make the whole thing casual and normal, I also love telling you when I am going to cum, so you are ready for the shots. That said, I am trying my best to provide you with a much more relaxed, quirky, alternative, talkative and really normalising way to masturbate and to embrace our manhood and our bodies with total pride, there is no sense of shame or secret in this website. |||| I became acquainted with Fleshlights and fleshjacks (masturbation toys that emulate a mouth/ass/tits etc), Amyl, cock pumps and cock rings since my late teens, so those toys are something I will naturally use as an adult in my daily basis: the amount of time I dedicate to those toys in my bate sessions is nothing but phenomenal and are trademarks in what I present to you here. As you will see in my archives, I have slowly developed a more verbal character and as such, I’ve gone from totally quiet to a dude who is comfortable enough to show his ass blinking, his hard-rock dick squirting hot jizz at the same time he is there talking dirty stuff to the camera, and looking at the viewer, making you feel immersed in the bate rather than detached from it.  If you think I’m not worth any bucks and do not wish to watch my numerous hour-long videos with awesome cumshots, and prefer to see small previews and some of my GIF animations, you can follow me in my Tumblr and twitter. let’s masturbate and be happy. 

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HEIGHT: 1.72 / 5.64

WEIGHT: 67 Kgs

BODY TYPE: Slim, naturally smooth except pubic hair, armpit hair.  Smooth ass.


SEXUAL PREFERENCE: Top, all along. There is no ass penetration video in this website (occasional minor buttplug play available).

FOCUS: masturbation, fleshlight fuck, XXXtoys, edging, very communicative masturbation acts (“normalising” masturbation).


Attention: the current (march 2018) Tumblr / twitter accounts do not belong to me. Someone else is using my Proudbator username after I deleted my accounts. 



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